Children of the 80s!

Oh Kong, do none of your design staff identify themselves as children of the 80s?

Whip it
into shape
shape it up
get straight
go forward
now move ahead
try to detect it
it’s not too late
To whip it
Whip it good!
Who’s with me?

True Color Thursday – Tutti Frutti

This week’s challenge:
How I normally see tutti-frutti:

How I would always like to see tutti-frutti:

True Color Thursday – Silver and Small

This week’s challenge was to find something silver and miniature and then tell a story behind it.  Now, I looked in my curio cabinets, I looked in with my china and my silverware, and I didn’t have anything silver and miniature.

So then I looked at Finn.  She had a little silver on her!

I have already reported on Finn’s bling.  I couldn’t believe how much bling this gal was packing when she was a wee pup.  But I like her name tag especially.  The fake rhinestones, the pink bone, she’s a little princess all right!

And the story that goes along with it – – remember the first time you tried to put the collar on your dog? My husband would put it on Finn and she would go wild, trying to catch the bling in her mouth, try to wriggle out of it.  It was funny.  We would put it on, take it off, put it on.

Then I put the collar on.  And from there it stayed.  No real problems at all 🙂

True Color Thursday, Bear Style

This week’s True Color Thursday Challenge was to take a brown teddy bear and place it outside in a place which involves height.

Now sometimes I feel bad about doing posts which don’t involve Finn, since this is a dog blog, so I decided to include her on the action.
But she seemed a little more interested in seeing if our neighbor’s cat was out, so I tried a different tactic.
Here’s our little bear (his name is Jay) on top of that green thingy which brings the cable into our house, and learning against the electric reader!  Much lower….

Ah, yes, much better…

True Color Thursday – Dots!

This week’s challenge was to find a six different sets of polka dots!  Wow, this was so hard!

We were given two weeks to find our colors.
I didn’t exactly look for white dots on the colors too.
I looked for the color being the dot.

And I had to get real clever and sneaky like…

(Subway stops are the red dots under the red line)

(Blue dots on these pillows)

(Three + purple dots on this woman’s scarf)

(Ok, ok, but there is a green “dot” in the picture)

(Happy Graduation stuffed doggie)

(Dots on her backpack)

And I found Brown!
(Dots on one of my dresses)

I just have to say, after my last True Color posting, a lot of folks were wondering what the reaction was of the people who I was trying to capture in my photographs.  Gingham man thought I was photographing the women sitting behind him, and none of these people in today’s post seemed to notice.

The people around me who see me make a mental connection and then grab my phone and take a couple of quick pictures, however, think I am on some sort of bad drug, I am sure!

True Color Thursday – Gingham!

We are continuing our challenge with gingham, but with a twist – 
it can only be blue or yellow gingham!  
Sorry buddy – this is a man who stood next to me on the subway one day.  
His tight shirt was blue gingham!
Ok, now, bear with me here.  This is gingham for the 21st century!  
You know those QR codes?  Well, I think they look like gingham from a distance.  
And I caught a blue QR code on this poster.
If you look real hard, the blue QR code is in the white box on the right side under where it says Winter Wonder Land.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

True Color Thursday – Red and White Stripes

We are continuing our challenge with red and white stripes!
I had some fun here and thought I was pretty clever with this one:
And I found some stripes atop this little tugboat.

And here are the best red and white stripes in the world!!

True Color Challenge – Zebra Stripes!

This week’s challenge was black and white stripes!  

Ok, cut me some slack, I’ve been back on the
blogging wagon for like 2 days!
But, to my credit, this is a photograph I did take on
 Tuesday evening on the highway.
And it does have black and white stripes!

True Color Thursday – Aqua

This week’s challenge was aqua!  How fun!

I went to one those paint your own pottery places
 with my Mom and made myself this cup.
Here’s Finn playing with her new toy from her boyfriend!
She loves it, as you can see by the way she has
torn through the rope!

Here are some candle holders without the candles.
Finn tried to eat the wax when she was a puppy and
we haven’t put them back yet.

And our twist was to take a picture of actual aqua – this spot is just a couple of blocks from where I spend most of my days…

Ok, so Manhattan waters aren’t so blue, but you get the idea!

And here I am on the other side (Brooklyn), looking back at lower Manhattan.  Murky blue aqua in foreground.  I took this picture on a staff outing for our holiday lunch.  I couldn’t believe it was this gorgeous outside in late December!


True Color Thursday – Eucalyptus

This week’s True Color Challenge was Eucalyptus.  How fun!  
I found some nice shades of this green –
Here’s the floor in my building’s elevator.  Actually, it’s quite beautiful!
And here is the sign of a restaurant across the street from me. 
Confession: I have only eaten there once.
It was on my first day of work.

And our photo twist – find something that smells like Eucalyptus.  
Thank you, local drug store!