Happy Halloween!

Thank you Molly the Wally and Mollie!

Over the weekend, our local pet store had a Halloween party.

To get Finnackles in the mood before we got there, we practiced walking around the house with her costume on.  Last year, the wearing of the costume didn’t go so well, so instead of buying a new one knowing she would only wear it for a few minutes, we decided to recycle and wear the same one from last year.

And then Finn told me what she really felt about it…


So, off we go to the party – every dog from town was there!

And some other critters too!

We had a great time.  We played with some of the doggies and bobbed for biscuits and we got some good treats too!

I want to thank you all for your thoughts about us through the storm.  We hope that the other folks who were in her path are able to get their power back on quickly and have some clean water real soon.  Hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween!!


Hewwwow!  Finnackles here.  Wanting to let you know we have made it through Day 1 of the storm and we have lived to tell about it.  I am sure you are waiting to see what my peeps had in store for me.  Boy, were they ready to keep me entertained, no matter what.

Sunday night called for some high winds!  But Momma had to work an event at her part-time job.  So Pops drove her so she wouldn’t have to go by herself in the wind and rain.  (Awwwww.)  And, of course, I joined them.

Here we are! Looks spooky, right? It’s really a house from the 1830s which has been turned into an art gallery. The last time I was here you asked me to show you some of the artwork.  So here I am in front of a nice piece that will be hung later this month.

So pretty. Then Momma opened up a bottle of something when we got home. Pops said it was named after either her or me. Not sure what he means!

Monday morning I was a little bit unsettled. Momma tried to take me for a walk, but it was so windy and it was starting to rain, so we just ventured out a block or two.

So we came back inside and worked on some tricks. I know this picture is really blurry, but Momma is having me weave through her legs! That’s her kicking up her leg and moving it to the front.  She saw this over at Kirsten’s blog and thought we could do that.  Apparently, my Momma’s photographer isn’t as good as Kirsten’s.  He’s fired.  But I did good!!!  I can weave through her legs – we used some Liver Biscotti treats we got at the Halloween party this weekend!

Anyways, we snuggled, we wuggled, we played with my toys, we slept, and from time to time, we went outside to look at the trees and see how things were doing in my neck of the woods. Momma said this is a down tree, but I think it’s a big stick. What do you think Goose?

Monday afternoon we got an email saying that our friend Suka crossed the rainbow bridge. And Momma came over and held me so tight and we laid on the couch for a while. We are so sad. We will miss our friend, but we know Suka is in a better place without any pain.  At night, Momma lit a candle.  I had never been around a candle before.  She said she wanted to have it lit in case the power went out and to light it for Suka too.

Our overnight calls for more wind and some more flooding.  We are lucky that even though we live on an island, we aren’t really near any water so we did not have to evacuate.  We hope tomorrow brings a quick end to this storm for us (even though I kinda like having both of my peeps home with me)!

Marketplace Monday – Rinse Ace

Up until this past spring, giving Finn a bath consisted of me getting Finn in the tub (which she loves) and then filling up a large bowl or a large measuring cup with water in order to get her wet and then to rinse away the shampoo. We don’t have a hand-held shower spray. But this was just getting harder and harder to do and washing Finn’s belly was a complete task. I could take it anymore. So, I found Rinse Ace.

Rinse Ace has a wide variety of shower and bathing products for your pet. I found this one, which we installed and now use: The Delux Pet Shower Spray (photo courtesy of website).

This was so easy to install. First you have to attach a piece to your shower head so that the spray faucet can be connected and disconnected with ease.

Viola! And then you attach the hose and start your shower like you normally would. The head of the hose has an easy on-off toggle which also allows you to set the intensity of the water flow.

When we aren’t using it, we just keep the spray hose and head wrapped up and on the top shelf in our shower cubby. Now I can give Finn a solid bath in half the time. It is so awesome.

Head on over and give their website a look! This is not a paid endorsement!

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Tickle Time!

As you know, we are expected to be hit by the treacherous Hurricane Sandy the next few days. So, we may not be around for a while, but we have some posts to keep you entertained of course!

Road Trip to Saratoga, Part V, Finn is a Great Dane?

I could not be more proud to say that I attended the University at Albany, SUNY for my undergrad college years.  And, Albany is just about thirty minutes south of Saratoga, so I had to go back and check it out.  Our mascot is the ever dominant Great Dane.

Any resemblance?


So, I admit, I snuck into my dorm, where I lived for all four years (including two years as a RA) and we drove around the perimeter of the campus to see what new buildings popped up.

So glad to go back and see how it’s doing!

My dorm, Ten Eyck
Just how I remember the autumn in Albany, rainy and cold!
Front of campus entrance

It was great to go back and sneak a peek at what was brewing on campus.  But, we were happy to be heading back home too.  And so, our tour of dog-friendly Saratoga and surrounding areas concludes, back to at-home posts next time.

Road Trip to Saratoga, Part IV, Malta Ecological Park

Ok, so I really enjoy Saratoga, but if it isn’t track season or ski season, the mile or so of downtown can become a bit dry, so we ventured out of town and came across the Malta Ecological Park.  (Malta is the next town over).

So, I should also tell you a little story that is slightly humiliating.  I went on this road trip with one pair of shoes – a pair of canvas sneakers that had seen better days.  Our first night in Saratoga, I discovered my big toe had worn through the canvas and the shoes are, essentially, unwearable.  I needed a new pair of shoes, and pronto.  I ran into the nearest Kohls and found a pair of flip flops on sale for $4.  I decided to go for it because:

1.  I wear a size 10W.  I was excited to find these sandals in an 11.  I mean those with big feet can understand.

2.  I think to myself that I only need to get myself through another 24 hours in Saratoga, and so, flip-flops will be fine (mind you it is raining and autumn, but I do not fear.)

Now we come upon an ecological park.  Unpaved trails.  Flipflops.  We decide to give it a try because we are over Saratoga.

My feet become muddy instantaneously.  We find a tick on Finn.  Even thought it hadn’t started to burrow, now I wonder if this is where we began to have our recent tick troubles!  We do a quick tick check of Finn’s body.  We do a quick tick check on my feet and lower legs.  We climb back in the car.  We spent a total of 7 minutes at the ecological park.  I am sure it is lovely, but I lost control of my sanity after the tick sighting.  And my toes were cold and muddy.

Ho Ho Ho

Christmas Card Exchange Reminder!!!

If you live in a state beginning with letters A-L you email the Houndogs Momma at hounddogmom(dot)jeakins(at)gmail(dot)com

If you live in a state M-Z, you email ME at marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot)com

If you live outside the USA, you email Jazzi’s Momma at dcraftsalot(at)yahoo(dot)com

We need to know – –

Your pet’s name (or who to make out the card to), your blog addy (so everyone knows who is who), your email address (for those sending digital cards) and your mailing address (so we can get the card there!)  AND, if you celebrate Festivus and Hanukkah and Kwanza you can join in too!

Deadline is November 7th!!  Don’t Forget!!

We Went to the Vet Yesterday

Hewwwow!  Finnackles here.  I wanted to let you know about my trip to the vet yesterday.  It was just for the normal six month check-up.  Momma wants to let you know that even though we have been walking EVERYWHERE in our attempts at Operation Phat, I still need to lose two pounds!  Ughghg.  Now, since she has been cutting back my food and has been walking me, she wonders if someone else in the house is feeding me extra treats.  I told her NOOOOO WAY.

Would I lie to you?

ANNNNNND…even though I get treated for ticks every three weeks since we live in a woody place, I have been diagnosed with ehrlichia.  Momma feels sick about the whole thing.  Because she’s the one who applies the tick medication on me religiously.  We were told to come back today to pick up the meds and I have to take it every day for a month.  I told her I don’t wanna because I haven’t been exhibiting any of the symptoms, you know???

So, she is wondering if any of you have ever had that???

We Received Some Awards!

We were tickled pink yesterday to receive not one, but TWO, count ’em, TWO awards from our fellow bloggers.

Thank you to Wallace and Samuel for our One Lovely Blog Award!

And another thank you to my friend Bailey for the One Sweet Blog Award.


Thank you fur-ends.  I think you are lovely and sweet too!!

Road Trip to Saratoga, Part III, Congress Park

As you can see, we had FABULOUS (eyes rolling) weather during our road trip to Saratoga.  On day 2, we decided to take a little walk through Congress Park.  This place is so beautiful.  I loved walking through their perfectly landscaped gardens and seeing their historic structures.  We paid tribute to our veterans and sniffed some pretty flowers.

You know what else they had which was pretty cool?  There were plaques all around the park, talking about the history behind it, and it was all written by the History Department of Skidmore College, which was right around the corner from here.  I just ate that up.  AND, everyone was walking their dog through here that morning.  Just a great time.

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