Our Nice Long Weekend

Hewwwow fur-ends!  Oh man, did we have the best weekend.  Not only was it Independence Day (remember, it’s not the fourth of July because you don’t call Christmas the 25th of December, do you??!?), but it was also Momma’s and Grandma’s birthdays!!  Woohoo.  So, on Thursday, Grandma and Grandpa came over to help celebrate.  They brought Charley some gifts for his birthday last week.


And I tried to win Grandma over some more by just being persistent, really. She seemed thrilled that I wanted in on that birthday cake!  Look at those brownies!  Pet me woman and give me something to eat!!!


Thursday night we did okay with the fireworks. Momma put me in my thundershirt and I slept fine after that. And Charley didn’t even seem bothered at all.

It was HOT this weekend, so Momma and Pops took us down to the lake on Friday. I wanted to go over and say hello to all my friends, but they were busy snacking.


So I practiced my swimming. Wally, look at me goooooo!


Even Charley got in on the action. A little.  We see all four of your paws are submerged!


Then on Saturday we went out to The Big Duck. I had been here last year, but it was Charley’s first time.  Pops said Charley was acting up, so he had to be taught a lesson!  Just kidding.  He’s fine, really.


Anyways, here I am in front of The Big Duck.


And while we were there, we stopped to find the geocache that had been hidden there, GC16HMH, The Big Duck.  We found the cache (that little black thing in Pop’s hand), signed the log inside, and put it back for the next person to find.  You might want to check out that website and familiarize yourself with how to play.  I mean, you never know, Gizmo and I could be sending you out on a geocaching day in the near future, *cough* August *cough*.


And today Momma says maybe we will go back to the lake! I see the shampoo and conditioner making an appearance though, so I am hoping we are going to the lake before the bath! Four day weekends are just the best, don’t you guys think!!!

Now make sure to come by on Tuesday.  I am helping my friend Sprinkles with a special treat for Blogville residents.  See you then, ok….

Charley Goes Geocaching!

Well, when I took Finn geocaching, my buddy Sammy said that I should take Charley too, and so I decided to do just that.  This time, I drove to the edge of my town, to have the opportunity to look for a different cache.  I found one that was very close to where we were, called BigHeadEd’s Lakeside Camo Hide.


When we got to the lake, we looked at the hint and were told to follow the fence. So, we walked along the fence with our compass until our direction changed from getting warmer and warmer to getting colder and colder. This is what we spotted:


I couldn’t juggle the phone, the camera, Charley, the weeds (tick check quickly followed), and muggles (non geocachers, LOL!) so I didn’t open it up and sign it. Instead, Charley and I hung out by the lake and took in some sun.



When I got home, I logged in my find, and saw that some other folks had been saying that this one was hard to find, maybe the winter storms had blown it away. So, I wonder if I found the cache or just some garbage. It really doesn’t matter, Charley had a great time and he had never been over to this lake before.

Some of you all had questions about geocaching the last time we went – there are caches on every continent! And would you believe, up in outer space (at the International Space Station). So when you go to the geocaching website you put in your city and country, and they tell you where the nearest caches are to you.  If you download the app, it uses your location on your phone to tell which ones are nearby.  If you don’t have the app, you have to print out the location information from your PC. It’s fun, I promise.  And you can enjoy some place new. Try it out and let me know what you found, ok?

PS…Momma here…I am having a little trouble with my eye and seeing the computer and stuff.  Went to the dr yesterday and need to lay low for a while.  Posts occurring as usual, just less comments from Finn & Charley.  See ya soon I hope!

Finn Goes Geocaching!

Since my buddy Gizmo is the geocaching KING and we have a Bingo slot on geocaching, I thought I would take my girl out one day.  I hadn’t been geocaching in about four years, and it was my first time then.  I had visited a friend from high school who lived in Michigan.  We went to the geocaching website and printed out maybe ten caches I could find while I was visiting with her.  I remember she had me all over the place – downtown Detroit, crossing the border into Canada, visiting a park.  It was a lot of fun.

So, here we go.  I have my dog, I have my Bingo push, I head on over to the website and think to myself, “I don’t want to print out a ton of stuff.  There has got to be an App for this.”  Wouldn’t you know it?  There’s an App for that.  There’s a full version for $9.99 or a free version to get you started.  I downloaded the free one.


It finds your location and gives you the three closest caches, as the crow flies.


I get Finn into the car, and off we go. The App creates a map showing your location and where you need to go.  When you get closer, you can turn on a compass which should bring you right to the spot.  The first cache I tried to find is like down this road I had never been on, into the woods, bringing us past hunting sign after hunting sign. I decide it’s not a good idea to go find this one, and I opt to find another one.

Number 2 was hid by a 73 year old on her birthday. I think this is my speed. That is, until we get closer and I realize that I have to bring Finn through some serious brush in order to find it.  Uh, no thanks.


Well, wouldn’t you know it, third time is the charm. The next one is on the edge of a lake nearby.  When I got close to it, I turned on my hint, which said “under the log.”  There it is.  I signed my name with the date and time, left a pressie for the next person to find it, and off we went.


Oh, and here’s Finn in front of said log.  I let her get a sniff of the cache off-camera.  You know how these divas can be.


And there you have it! I’m not sure how many caches the free App will let you find, but if you want to try it out once or twice, I would say it is definitely worth it. AND, you get a BINGO spot *wink* *wink*

SouthHaven County Park

I took a random day off in the middle of the week and decided Finn needed to get out (read: I needed to get out.)  So, we headed down to South Haven County Park; you can find them here.  In 2009, the county’s fine legislators voted to make it dog-friendly.  Thank you!

Our day started out nice enough, and took this picture laughing to myself, “Finn’s definitely on the leash, but I’m not too sure about being under control, but we’re working on that.”
So, off we go for a little walk….
Nice trails   
Big lake
When we got to the lake, I thought Finn would be interested in jumping right in, but she was a little hesitant!  Maybe it’s that slime…
She walked around the edges for a while and then gently made her way in.  I think all the quacking and ducks had made her curious.
Well, we continued on our walk, when we encountered…an UNLEASHED DOG.  Now, I am walking little Finn and this dog comes sprinting at us from across what is essentially an RV field.  I scoop up my 35 pound dog and hold her while the owner takes his sweet time walking up to us to get his dog back.  Now, I get it, the other dog wants to sniff and be friends, but in the meantime, he’s climbing all over me, all over my dog, and I am getting really annoyed.  When the owner finally made his way over, I ripped him a new one and we got back in the car.  I mean, c’mon mister!  I was so miffed!  Finn however, was psyched to sniff all things, people, and other doggies new…
so I would probably make my way back there again, but I’ve got my eye out for you Buddy (what I affectionately called the other owner  🙂 … you know who you are!!