Road Trip to Saratoga, Part V, Finn is a Great Dane?

I could not be more proud to say that I attended the University at Albany, SUNY for my undergrad college years.  And, Albany is just about thirty minutes south of Saratoga, so I had to go back and check it out.  Our mascot is the ever dominant Great Dane.

Any resemblance?


So, I admit, I snuck into my dorm, where I lived for all four years (including two years as a RA) and we drove around the perimeter of the campus to see what new buildings popped up.

So glad to go back and see how it’s doing!

My dorm, Ten Eyck
Just how I remember the autumn in Albany, rainy and cold!
Front of campus entrance

It was great to go back and sneak a peek at what was brewing on campus.  But, we were happy to be heading back home too.  And so, our tour of dog-friendly Saratoga and surrounding areas concludes, back to at-home posts next time.

Let’s Go Friars!

One morning, we took Finn for a drive to one of my husband’s friends houses.  He was going to work on my car for me.  Imagine my surprise when we drove right past my old high school, St. Anthony’s, home of the Friar, to get there!

I hadn’t been there in about seven years, so we got out to take a walk around.  All over, all I saw were signs that said, “No Pets” so we just let Finn pose by one of the banners.  Of course she picked the smelliest and dirtiest one!  Glad she got to be a Friar for two minutes!