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We hope you’ll give Finn a fighting chance in this competition.  Remember her bratty behavior bad sport retriever games?
Good luck to all of competitors!  May the Worst Sport win!
I’m a bad sport!

Mango Minster 2012 Bad Sport Entry

I have to let the judges in on a few things before I start to tell you why Finn is a bad sport.

First, Finn LOVES, and I mean ABSOLUTELY, ABOVE ALL THINGS, LOVES to play fetch.  This is evidenced herehere, and here.

Secondly, Finn does know the command “drop.”  Apparently with everything except a ball. A squeaky, drive everyone in the house crazy, tennis ball.

So, here we go on why Momma thinks Finn is just a bad sport.

Even though Finn loves to play fetch, Finn will not drop the ball, which she has to so Momma can throw it again.  I mean look at the look of death Finn is shooting me, the Momma, because I want to only take the ball so I can throw it again.

Yep, she makes me pull it from her mouth.

And then, even though she will bring the ball to me, sometimes she makes me chase her around the house before she even lets me get near her to pull it out of her mouth.

Yep, that’s over a full minute of Momma chasing Finn around tables, stairs, the crate, etc.  And the only reason why it ended is because Momma just stopped.
So, there you have it.  Finn is just a bad sport.  At playing her own game none-the-less!!
Good luck to everybody!