I Was A Frog in Another Life

Can’t you all hear it?  *Ribbit*  *Squeak!!!*  *Ribbit*  *Squeak!!!*

In News Unrelated to Finn, But Still Involving Animals

I was contenting watching tv yesterday when I was summoned to the backyard.  At first I thought maybe something happened to Finn, so I made sure to get myself out there.  I soon discovered this.

Looks normal, right?  I was promised dinner outside last night, and so I noticed the umbrella was in the table, cleaning up of the area was happening.  All seemed right with the world.

Take a closer look.

Screams!  Why did I have to see this??  Why, why?  And then this.  
The darn thing moved.  Fast.
And it hopped right into the crease inside the fabric and we didn’t see it come out.
I have a frog living in my umbrella.
We ate dinner in the dining room last night.