Spring Cleaning

Hewwwow!  Finn here! 
I don’t get it.  Sometimes, we are all just hanging around the house.
And Momma and Pops will be cleaning or dusting or whatever.
And then they come out and say that I am CRAZY when I start acting like this!
But I get sooooooo excited and I want to help!

I mean LOOK at this duster!
It’s nice and fluffy!!
And Pops it just waving it around in my face!!
It’s almost like it can be a toy!

Or something I can…RETRIEVE!

I think it’s Momma and Pops who are CRAZY!

Helping Around the House

That’s two paper towels, a washcloth and a sponge…
Yep, I like to stuff my face and carry it all around the house!

C’mon, give it to me, I am so adorable!