The Reason Why My Shoulder’s Been Hurting

The pulling, the dragging, the tug-o-war.  I think I need a good massage!

Peeps on Parade

My Peeps!
Hewwwwoww!  Finn here.  Mom decided that we’re participating in the Memorial Day Peeps on Parade event, sponsored by our friend Sarge.  This is my favorite of the peeps, Dad!  Dad owns his own painting company, and always says that no matter what kind of day he’s had, I am always there for him.  When he walks in through the door, he gets down on his knees, and I come over and give him a big hug.  Mom is convinced that I like Dad best because Dad’s always down to PLAY!  Here we are playing tug-o-war in the front yard.  I can get some good air when he flings me around! 

I know, I know, mom says no chewing on the leash, but it is soooo much fun.  Mom’s the one behind all the pictures.  She works in an arts-based non-profit, whatever that means.  She likes to take me for long, long walks.  And I love it, but then she’s always asking me to sit, heel, speak, come, stay.  Whatever lady, just give me a treat!  And stop taking pictures – you’re blinding me!
I’m just kidding, I love Mom too, she takes me to work almost every day.  These are my peeps!