I should probably start out by saying that I am a brand new pet-owner.  Growing up, I didn’t have any sort of pet – no dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, gerbil, ferret, anything.  I’m sure between the ages of five-ten I probably begged my parents to let me get one of something, but they said no.  It’s ok, I didn’t have any major emotional scarring from it  🙂

So, that being said, all these things that Finn’s going through for the first time, I am going through for the first time too!

During the week, the license from our county came, and I took off Finn’s collar to put it on.  I then noticed that my little puppy owned more bling than I did.  She’s got her license bling, her if-I-am-lost-scan-my-chip bling, her rabies bling and her I-am-one-day-old-and-a-girl-so Mommy-bought-me-a-faux-diamond-studded-name-plate bling…

…not to mention her blingy bling collar that we bought her because the first collar we bought her was too big!  (She’s on the last hole, a couple of more weeks and she’ll grow into the bigger one.)
All that being said, I’m thinking it’s time for Finn’s Momma to get some new bling too!  I’m a little jealous!!