Happy December

Hewwwow!  Finnackles here.  Reporting to you on our early December happenings.  Dunno if you noticed, but we haven’t been around much.  Momma had a BIG, and I mean HUGE fundraiser at her job, and that was last night.  So for the past few weeks, she has been living and breathing her fundraiser.  And she’s happy to report that she raised funds.  YAY.  Remember when we asked for donations for our silent auction?   We had a few from doggie types and it made up a great prize.  So thank you to The Doggie Couture Shop, CANIDAE All Natural Pet Foods, and The Dapper Dog.  Thanks to you all, some dog in the metro NYC area was made very happy last night when he or she was given all new stuff that was won by his or her owner!  And you helped a good cause.  AND you helped Momma!

Secondly, I wanna thank Grady for an award!  We received the Seven Things About Me Award last month!  Grady’s a new friend I met when I switched over to wordpress, stop on by and tell his peeps that I sent ya!


Please feel free to share some lovely random facts about yourself!  Now, you know I am one crazy golden, but lately I have been surprising the peeps with some new behaviors:

1.  I do not touch the Christmas Tree while they are gone!  Woohoo.  This makes the peeps happy and I get treats when they notice!

2.  I huff and sigh to show my displeasure.  I have moods, what can I say?

3.  I know what it means when Momma tilts the garbage can in the kitchen forward slightly – this means she is reaching for a baggie to pick up my poops and therefore – WE ARE GOING FOR A WALK!  I show my excitement by running around in circles.

4.  I sleep in the bed now.  It’s winter and I am chilly.

5.  I looooove to be rubbed.  I will push myself up against a human and if they don’t rub me, I turn my head back to look at them to get them started.

6.  I sniff my Christmas presents from the peeps upstairs in the closet.  Why won’t they give them to me early??

7.  I am growing some white furs around my mouth.  I am showing my new adolescent self!

Thirdly, we want to thank everyone who has sent us a Christmas card!  The peeps have only gotten one, and it’s from my grandma.  🙂  We also received our doogie swap pressies from Bert!!!



OMD Bert I am having so much fun with these squeekies already!  You give the best pressies.  THANK YOU!  We sure hope lil’ Allred comes home real soon too.

And lastly, but not leastly, there have been some romantic overtures coming to us from South Africa!  My friend Wally seems to have a little crush on me.  Seems as though Wally’s been dancing around since he received my Christmas card with some hearts on it too….hmmm………….

That’s all from me!  Hope you have all been doing good too!

The Snoopervisor

One day, we decided to install one of those closet organizers, Have you ever tried to do install one of these things? It isn’t easy. It was taking us a lot longer than we expected it to take.  And then, unexpectedly, the snoopervisor stopped by.

She did not seemed pleased with our work.

She inspected everything.

We heard she doesn’t normally give out “Pass” grades.

Especially when there are “brackets” involved.

We reminded her that we feed her on a regular basis.

We passed with flying colors.