The Rug

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Now, we have this rug in our living room that makes its way into many of our posts. Finn was a terror and chewed the edges and the corners. We trimmed the corners and sprayed the edges so she wouldn’t munch on them anymore. Trust was established. We toyed with the idea of replacing the rug. (We have a nice new one upstairs in a spare closet, all ready to roll!)

Then, we toyed with the idea of getting a second dog.  We thought about it and talked about it for 6 months.  So, we kept the crappy carpet down.  We finally got Charley. He isn’t really much of a muncher really, but we didn’t want to swap out the carpet right away, just in case.  And lately, we had been establishing trust with him. Letting him out of the crate more often. Letting him snooze overnight without our constant supervision. Trust crumbled. Now Charley is peeing inside again, on the rug. We are sure glad we didn’t swap it out. Sorry folks, you’ll just have to continue looking at our frayed and crappy carpet.  Maybe I am telling you all this because I need to tell myself, sorry Finnie’s Momma, you’ll just have to continue looking at your frayed and crappy carpet.

2013-05-15 19.59.23

Darn Rug.

One day, I noticed the rug in the dining room was bubbling.  
It wasn’t like that the day before. 
We lifted it up, and discovered a HUGE wet mark underneath the rug.
Could it have been a leak from the air conditioning?  No, ruled that out.
Did Finn pee on the rug?  
She had let us sleep in until 8am that day, a feat which rarely happens.
So maybe she didn’t bug us to get up because she didn’t need to go out?
We put down some paper towels and noticed that the liquid was not yellow.
Hmmm…hubby had played with Finn in the sprinkler the day before, she came in sopping wet and she had laid down on the rug to take a nap.  
Ah ha!  The top part had dried, but the bottom had not. 
So, alas, we had to dry out the rug and weigh it down on the edges so it bubbled no more.

Now we dry her off after all sprinkler fun.