Heading to Work with Pops

Pops took me into work one day with him!

I got to help tape off the siding, and put down the drop cloths.  It was totally awesome!

I got a little tired so I laid down for a bit.  It’s hard work, you know?
But I am still all smiles.
This picture was taken at 10am.  Yep, I put in a solid hour of work.
Ho hum.  I am so pretty.  Why doesn’t anyone see that?
Someone bring me a treat.
Where’s my service bell??
And here I am rolling around in the customer’s yard.

I got paint on my tail!  Proof that I worked real hard!!
Now, in case you are wondering why I joined Pops at work…
Momma and Pops got new paving stones installed in the backyard,
and they knew I would want nothing to do with being home that day.

Whadda think?  I think I look beautiful on it!