Abandoned Kings Park

For Momma’s new job, she has to co-author a book on a little hamlet called Kings Park.  She took a tour with some KP historians a few weeks back and some things that she wanted to show Pops.  So, we went along for the ride.


This area used to be a large hospital, but it was all self-contained.  The workers lived here, they had their own dairy, their own working farm, a pig slaughter, you name it.  People who were institutionalized worked in all the different places.  Then in the 1980’s. the doors were closed, the patients were literally kicked out, and now the buildings stand ruined.  We just went and visited one little area, but there are over 60 buildings that still stand.


Momma said it was like being in one of those movies – – the ones where there are no more humans alive and nature takes over everything man built.  Creepy.



After Momma talked Pops out of sneaking in to the buildings, we hung out in the shade and got some belly rubs.



Creepy, but pretty in a way, eh?  You can see all the way to the Long Island Sound.  Pops said next time he’s leaving me and Chuck at home so they can sneak in these places.  Momma said NO THANKS!



Christmas In July

I think one of the coolest events in Blogville is Christmas in July.  We’ve been participating since we came aboard (well, except during our break period, but I digress.)  It is the coolest!  Over the weekend, we received our pressies from Higgins and Niles!



OMD look at all that stuff!!


Immediately, Charley commandeered the blue and orange gorillas.

Peanut butter

Finnie, girl after my own heart, wanted some peanut butter.


And there seemed to be a little ruckus over the tug ball.

Thank you to our Santas and thank you to Sprinkles for hosting this event!

Wordless Wednesday


Finn & Charley Update

HEWWWOW!  Finnackles here!  Oh, and Charlez too.  We heard round the block this week that some of you all have been asking about us!  So, we thought we’d give you a little pupdate on how we’ve been doing!  I know, I know, it’s been a while, butt we promise you that we are doing fine.

Let’s see, we’ve been dressing up – HalloweenChristmas

Hanging out with some family – Aunt L Grandma


Playing in the snow –

Finn with BootiesWrestling

Goofy Charlez

And hosting some South Africans!

Wally and Sammy's peeps!

And we’ve been going for some great walkies too, you know, keeping up in the local parks –

Dad got stuck in the mud

Now, we can’t say when and if we’ll be back full-time, cause Momma’s been a tad on the busy side.  She said she doesn’t want to bore you with the details, but sometimes humans have things happening.  So, if you feel the need to delete our page from your reader, we won’t be offended.  We’ve got nothing but lots of love for Blogville.

Night night!We hope you all are doing fine and…Till next time!