Take Momma to Work Day

Dudes, Chuck here.  Had the BEST DAY EVER last week.  Got to take Momma to her work place.  Seems she needed managing of some horse.

Got in the carrrrrrr….


Made some executive decisions….


Met this pony character.  Told him to leave Momma aloooooone.


Played with Reach.  He ain’t so bad after all….


Interrupted people from actually working….

 disruption  boss

Defended the territory….


Took a nap….right under Momma’s desk.  Best place ever.


OMD…when can I go back?!!?

Now, Finn was a little put out that she didn’t get to go, but we are sure she will have her day too at some point!


Momma’s Work Dog

Well, Momma has been at her job for THREE WEEKS now and she hasn’t brought us.  Seems she still is “settling in.”  Bollocks.  We think it’s because all day long she gets to spend time with this guy…his name is Reach…


Yep, one of Momma’s coworkers brings her dog to work with her everyday.  Momma says maybe if we were good pups and didn’t get distracted so much on our recall then we could come everyday too.  We aren’t buying that crap.  She also says he’s a herding dog, and helps out gathering all the sheep on the farm when we have people visiting.  Again, pure fiction.


Reach 2

Sometimes when Momma’s in her office, he comes and puts his head under her hand so she’s got to give him scratchies.  That’s her window.  That’s her hand.  That’s NOT OUR SCRATCHIES.

And what about this??!?!!

Reach 3

That’s Momma’s car.  That’s Reach in Momma’s car.  One day when she was leaving work, he followed her and hopped in her car.  IN OUR CAR.  She said he sniffed and sniffed and sniffed all around. That’s right Reachie.  We own that car.

What do you think guys, any chance Momma will bring us, or at least one of us, any time soon?!?

Bringing the Kids to Work

I wish!  Since my commute involves a train ride, I don’t think my fellow passengers would appreciate my bringing two large dogs with me.  And I don’t know what their reaction would be to the subway scene either.  Buuuut, one day, I was missing them, and I decided to switch the background of my computer to pics of them, and I worked it so the slide show changes pictures every few hours!  I have about 15 pics or so in random rotation.

Nice!  You guys do anything like that or do I need a straight jacket?

2013-05-09 09.59.03

2013-05-09 10.59.36

2013-05-10 08.45.37

Caught Fleeing the Office

Momma said the place she wanted to take me for Park Day was right near her weekend job, so she dragged me there one Sunday.  Silly human, she turned the pedestal on its side thinking this would confine me to the main office.


I let my displeasure be known.


Dang it, I was caught trying to escape.  Note to other pups – you cannot hide yourself behind a table that is leaning up against a wall.  Know this now before you try.  That is my gift to you.