An Ouchie

I had an ouchie this weekend.  When Momma and Pops came home form work on Friday, they (Momma) noticed I wasn’t putting my full weight on one of my paws!  I was kinda limping around and stuff.  So, they had to take me to the V-E-T!

Here we are.  I look good, right??  There was another doggie there that wasn’t put any weight on one of  his paws either.  We found out he tore his ACL when he tried to jump off the bed!  Ouch!

Turns out I have some allergies, and I had been licking and licking and licking a rash in between my paw pads and caused a little irritation.  So all weekend long I had to lay down and RELAX.  It was so darn hard!  
I have some pre-posted posts (you know what I mean) for this week, but know I am laying low, keeping my paws clean and being served like the princess I am!  Have a good week folks!


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