Waiting for Daddy to Come Home

Labor Day Bash Subliminal Message

Ok, so you must go here to check out the Labor Day Party Roster of Activities!  There’s so much going on, there’s no way that you won’t be able to make it!  I don’t know what to do first, get my isms ready or figure out what I am wearing to the prom, you know what I mean?

Did any of you catch my subliminal message yesterday?!?  Did your human have a sudden urge to go through old photographs and look for flowering buds??  I’m hosting the Flower Show, so please make sure to send me your pictures by August 28th at marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot)com.  And, I promise I won’t remind you again until this weekend, ok?  🙂

Walking in the Rain

Finn has been having a pretty awesome 24 hour period.  Why, you ask?  Because, it’s raining here.  Not just sprinkles either, torrential downpour.  And what retriever doesn’t like water?  You ever notice that your walks take about 20% longer…when it’s raining?  Oh yes, we love the rain.

This is what the sky looks like.

This is the let-me-out-to-play, I’ve-been-a-good-good-girl-so-far-today look.  (Also known as I-am-going-to-reek-havoc-and-jump-and-splash-and-pull-and-drag-you-on-our-walk-today look).

This is the puddle where we like to splash.

This is the motion we like to make in water – just a little tap, tap to make sure that when the water is splashed, we can catch it in our mouths.  We do this in every puddle, no matter how big or small.

This is the tree that fell down a couple of blocks over.  Luckily, it fell into the road.

This is the rolling around in the tree moment which caused us to smell like pine.

This is where we decided to lay down for a bit and soak in the water and smells.

*Subliminal message* *Flower pictures* *Flower pictures* *Flower pictures* 
Time to shake it all off.

This where we decided to look up at the sky and try to figure out where the rain was coming from…

…in the middle of the road, no less.

And now this is what we’re doing while Mommy’s typing it all up.

Flower Show Pics!

Hewwwowww folks!  Finn here.  Did you hear about the blogville Labor Day Partay?  It is going to be so much fun, and guess what?  Frankie said I get to host the Flower Show!!  I know you love sniffing in those flowers just as much as I do.

So send in your pics to my momma at marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot)com by Sunday, August 28th!  You know momma’s a little slow on this computer thing, so we need to give her some extra time to get all the pics together.  But that gives you two weeks to get some great flower pictures in!  Make sure to tell her your name and your blog so she can identify you too.

Thanks friends and I’ll see you at the partay!  

Dad Tries to Fold the Tarps

Finn thinks otherwise!  New pillows for her to explore!
Hope everyone has a great weekend – it’s getting a little cooler here and we’re so excited about that!

Happy Bark Day Sugar!


Here’s smiling to you!  We hope you have a great day full of special treats and love!!

Something Smells Good Right Here…

…both agree!

Big Weekend, Biiiiiig Weekend

Big weekend here in NY.  As you may recall, Mom’s a Yankee fan, and therefore, so is Finn.

I mean, we went so much as to take her reaction to Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit, and as you can see, she was glued to the tv.

Press conference with other teammates

Replay the hit over and over and over…

The problem is, Dad’s a fan of these guys…
A really big fan.  Really, really big fan.  Mom even went so far as to have a special cake made for Dad on their wedding day.  Thank you to Mom’s brother who had the sense to add a little Yankees flavor to the cake that day!
I know, I can’t believe it either.  And therein lies the divided house this weekend.  The Yanks are in Boston, playing a three game set, and the Yanks won last night!  We’re hoping they can keep it up tonight!  

Finn, Meet the Bob-A-Lot

Beware: golden tushie shots in these videos!

How Do You Know?

Look at this picture – she looks so unhappy that I put the leash on her.  However, she knows to wait before jumping out of the car until it clicks on.  She knows that when I put it on her and we’re inside, she’s going out.

She’s been coming back to us when we call to her at the dog park.  She’s been following me around at work if I carry a ball or her leash.  She’s been much more mellow at work and not munching on my books.

But, sometimes when we leave the house for our first walk of the day, she’s racing to get out the door, pulling me down the steps.  When I walk her after she’s been home alone for several hours, she is walking me, or so my neighbors say!  She knows “heel” but it’s that initial take-ff that worries me.

So, I wonder, how do you know it’s ok to unleash??  Would it be the worst thing if always walked her with the leash?

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