Before we get started today, I would like to thank Stewey Unscene for my award!  Thank you.  We love seeing what Stewey is wearing and we are jealous of his very hip outfits.  
We have gotten the award four times!!  We are so honored that other doggie bloggies enjoy reading about our outings!
On to the post!  One day, I was taking pictures of Finn playing with a new toy

And I realized that Finn only plays with her toys down on our first floor.  I thought I would do a little experiment.  I took one of Finn’s favorite toys and brought it upstairs and made it known that I would be spending a little time up there…turned on some lights, turned on the upstairs tv, that kind of thing.

I waited to see what would happen….

She came up, got the toy, and brought it back downstairs.

Ever wonder what they are thinking???

It’s not like I ever reprimanded her for playing upstairs…

Oh Finn…


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