Bad to the Bone Contest

By now you know, Tucker is having a Bad to the Bone Contest.
I thought you all might want to see my entry since you probably all think I am cute, and adorable, and have a snuggly little puppy face.
Don’t be fooled.  I am bad.  To the bone.
This is how I described my bad behavior to Tucker:
See, my Pops is a contractor.  And sometimes Momma lets him eat his dinner in front of the tv cause she knows he’s been working hard all day.
I however, do not care how hard he works.
And, I want a piece of his dinner.

You see here, I start out just watching him.

Then I move in a little closer.

Then I jump on him to get a quick lick of what he’s eating.

Bad I tell you.  Real bad.

Tucker’s accepting entries until September 21st.  You gotta email him your badness.

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