Charley’s avoidance of the pool continues. Should I just let him not enjoy the water? He doesn’t willingly get into a bath either, so I am wondering if there is a deep-rooted issue here. Or, should we keep trying? I don’t pick him up and try to throw him in anymore. I did throw a biscuit in the pool, and he waited for it to float towards the edge and then he pawed at it and stuck his face in.  I more or less let him sniff around the pool and come back in to the house if he chooses. He has also just dipped his paws into the lake when we go…thoughts please?


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Yes, Finn is One Pushy Broad

So dudes, the other day I showed you my apprehension about approaching the water-filled plastic thing. I mentioned that my sis, Finn is one pushy broad. Don’t believe me?

After Momma decided that Finn had enough of soaking herself, and that the water was all dirty, she turned it over, emptied it out, but left it sitting outside so it could dry out.

Finn begged her to let her out again. I followed, naturally.

Finn wouldn’t even let me near the empty thingy! She guarded it! She pushed me away from it! She jumped on me. Dudes, what is wrong with this chick?  She’s nuts.




Charley Reporting

Hey Dudes.  Charley here.  I need to tell you guys about this thing that appeared one day in my backyard.  It was big and plastic and then Momma took the hose and filled it up with water.  Finn was like totally stoked.


I needed to check this thing out.  I walked all around it and sniffed out the rubber ducks that Momma threw in there.  Finn, as always, was getting in the way of my sniffs.  She is just one pushy broad.


Apparently, I was taking too long, and so my Momma PICKED ME UP and PLANTED ME IN THE WATER. I immediately jumped out. I mean, like, why would she do that?


Then Finn started running around our patio, pushing me out of the way, so she could like jump in and out of the water. Dudes, she like got me wet.



I kept begging Momma to let me back in the house, so I could like nap and ponder away at life’s big questions, like what is thing in between my legs that Finn doesn’t have, and why does Momma get all stoked when I pee outside? Those kinds of things.


She finally let me in and my nightmare with this big plastic thing ended. Dudes, have you ever seen anything like this before in your lives???