What Happened When We Put More Sand On Our Patio To Prevent Weeds From Popping Up

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (4)

photo 3 (2)

You don’t see where this is going???

photo 4

He’s so friggin cute.


Da Beach!

Hewwwow!  Finnackles here.  These two silly gooses

the humans

had off for some reason today and decided to take us to the beach!


I was told that I looked like a very happy dog!  Yes in deed I do!

Charley in

Charley got super adventurous and dipped his paws in!  Way to go Chuck!!


We walked on some trails.


I splashed around.


It sure is pretty.  Whatcha got planned next for us??


Take Momma to Work Day

Dudes, Chuck here.  Had the BEST DAY EVER last week.  Got to take Momma to her work place.  Seems she needed managing of some horse.

Got in the carrrrrrr….


Made some executive decisions….


Met this pony character.  Told him to leave Momma aloooooone.


Played with Reach.  He ain’t so bad after all….


Interrupted people from actually working….

 disruption  boss

Defended the territory….


Took a nap….right under Momma’s desk.  Best place ever.


OMD…when can I go back?!!?

Now, Finn was a little put out that she didn’t get to go, but we are sure she will have her day too at some point!


Whoop whoop!  Wassup fellow bloggers.  Momma told me I get to take over the blog today to tell you about us.  You see…Momma went on a Looooooong, and I mean looooong blogging hiatus.  We blogged for a few years and then took a few years off.  But Momma seems to be back on roll, so let’s keep on encouraging her!

So I’m Chuck.  Momma and Pops call me Charley, Charley Barley, Charley B, and CHARLEY STOP!

Now Chuck

I don’t really like to talk about what happened to me before I met my peeps, so I won’t go there.  Let’s just say when I got to their home, I gave them HECK for a while and I have finally seemed to get into my groove.  My likes include long walks with my leash in my mouth and gobbling up any food that drops on the floor.  My dislikes include water and the neighborhood cats.  My bestest bud is Sammy.  We have some howling good time together.

MOVER OVER CHARLEY.  Hewwwwwwow!  Finnie here.  The original.  The one and only.  Finn. Finnackles.  Finnie-pie.  I LOVE LIFE.  And my boyfriend Wally.  *sigh*  And ice cream, dipping in the pool, playing in the snow, sniffing the wind, chasing Charley in the pen, you name it.


That’s a little bit about us.  Two doggies living the golden dream.  Seriously, they could not have it any better!

Double sit

The Feed Me Face