Beach Day 2011

Our doggie park hosted Beach Day today!  I invited a friend and her pup to join us, and man, did we have fun!  They set a huge doggie pool for all the dogs to go in, with a  refreshing sprinkler on the side.
Where’s Finn??
At first Finn wouldn’t even go in the pool, and when she did, she splashed around on the edges…

Then she decided to go for it!

And, of course, the “after” picture.  Great Saturday morning fun!

Four Stages of Hose Mania

Recognition, jump for joy;
at this moment we are confused as to if we own a dog or a kangaroo

Urgency stage; The “turn it up” look

Pure enjoyment

And finally, what we call “crazy eyes”;
is there such a thing as too much fun with the hose?!?!

My Own Pool!

Well….it happened!  The plumber came yesterday to install this

So we had water in the backyard!  And Dad could do this
And then I could do this

I had sooooooo much fun
Then I came back inside so I could do this
Re-energize for round 2!!

Finn’s Friday

You’ve been out.

Where were you?

Oh, buying me a pressie??

Can I open it?  I’ve been such a good girl.

Oh, it goes outside?!  I love it out there.  Lemme seeeeeeeeee
I don’t get it.  Where’s the water?  Oh, the plumber is coming tomorrow to make it so it comes out right here…
Oh.  So we won’t play with it today?!!!?
Oh.  I see.
I am so mad.  What’s this – squeaky clown – I’ll just have to play with him today…
Hurmph.  Life is tough for me!

Daddy’s Little Girl

This is what happens when Daddy goes outside and Finn discovers he is no longer in the house.  (Side note – it really doesn’t seem to matter that Mommy is still in the house, but whatever, I digress…)

1.  Finn discovers Daddy is missing and takes a look to see where is he…

Hmmm…Dad is outside cleaning the work van…
2.  Then Finn taps and cries at the door until Mommy brings her out…

I want to PLAY!!!!  Someone play with me!!!

 3.  Then playtime begins…

4.  Then Mommy brings Finn back inside so she can zonk out…until Daddy comes back inside and then Round 2 of playtime begins!  She’s definitely Daddy’s little girl!

Wordless Wednesday

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