Christmas In July

I think one of the coolest events in Blogville is Christmas in July.  We’ve been participating since we came aboard (well, except during our break period, but I digress.)  It is the coolest!  Over the weekend, we received our pressies from Higgins and Niles!



OMD look at all that stuff!!


Immediately, Charley commandeered the blue and orange gorillas.

Peanut butter

Finnie, girl after my own heart, wanted some peanut butter.


And there seemed to be a little ruckus over the tug ball.

Thank you to our Santas and thank you to Sprinkles for hosting this event!

Wordless Wednesday

birthday ribbon



Finnackles here.  Getting tired of reporting how Momma is spending her work day with our four-legged creatures.  BUT, she says she cannot resist!

One night last week, her work place held a band concert and it was rain or shine.  Well, it rained, so it was standing room only for the concert!


Guess what happened?  Someone brought in this cutie and held her the entire time!  The entire time!!



Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind

The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind is literally right down the road from my job….on the farm….with all sorts of other animals and smelly things and interesting distractions for guide dogs in training.  You see where this is going….guess who stopped by for a visit and some sniffing and playing and training today?!?  YES!





What Happened When We Put More Sand On Our Patio To Prevent Weeds From Popping Up

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (4)

photo 3 (2)

You don’t see where this is going???

photo 4

He’s so friggin cute.

Smithtown’s Dog Day Update

SOOOOO much has happened since I posted about my Dog Day plans!  We are a go for October 3rd from 12pm-4pm.  If you are in the metro New York area with your pooch, save the date…

Our local pet store in Smithtown, Pet Supplies Plus, has sent off our sponsorship information to corporate.  They are totally ready to hook us up with raffle prizes, sponsorship, and all out support.  Woohoo.  Miss Sydney at secured us a raffle basket, and Madi, and LB said they would donate items for raffle baskets too!  I’ve reached out to Flea from Jones Natural Chews who is working on her people.  We have two vendors for our vendor area, Scoochie Pet and a lovely woman who sells doggie charms locally.

I have a soft yes from other doggie groups in the area to join us, but I will save the details on those until I know more.

I have sent letters to every vet, groomer, and doggie place in town!  There’s one trainer who is seriously thinking about doing some demos.  We can’t wait!  I am hoping to get a vet do some doggie health lectures too.

And I am sponsoring our event’s hydration station.  We can’t have our doggies go thirsty while they are out there exploring the farm, now can we?

Now, we need some food don’t we?  Long Island’s Hot Dawg Truck will be there.  You think October will be too cold to get maybe an ice cream truck there?  Maybe an icie place?  What do you think?  I’d like a dessert option there.  I’ve reached out to a couple of places who make doggie ice cream, but they don’t want to take a chance on a first time event.  Harmph.

So who am I missing?  Is there anyone else from Blogville that I can reach out to?  Let me know folks.  I am so excited to see this come together!

Just Your Average Evening Walk…

So my community entrance got a facelift this spring and now when we got for walks, this happens…


We cross the road into the median so she can take a dip in the waterfall.


Good thing she’s so darned cute.

Da Beach!

Hewwwow!  Finnackles here.  These two silly gooses

the humans

had off for some reason today and decided to take us to the beach!


I was told that I looked like a very happy dog!  Yes in deed I do!

Charley in

Charley got super adventurous and dipped his paws in!  Way to go Chuck!!


We walked on some trails.


I splashed around.


It sure is pretty.  Whatcha got planned next for us??


Pressie for Grandma

Grandma’s birthday is coming up, so we got her a little pressie just from us!  Whaddaya think?

Pressie for grandma

Made with love from Mollie and Alfie!  Grandma will just howl over it, don’t ya think?

Therrible Threes!

Dudes…Chuck here.  Turned three on Friday.  I told Momma and Pops not to worry, I would no longer be in the terrible twos…I would now be in the therrible threes.

Turning three

Pops said take a picture.  I gave him a kissie.

Toy for Chuck

Momma gave me a new toy.  I immediately chewed a hole in it.

Toy for Finn

Momma gave Finn a new toy.  I took it and immediately chewed a hole in it.

Three is awesome!

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