Welcome Back Pressie

So how cool is this?  For coming back to Blogville, I was awarded a giftie!  I opened up my package earlier this week and was the lucky recipient of The Book of Barkley!


If you haven’t read this, please do.  I really enjoyed the tale of Barkley, hearing his inner voice describe how he feels trying on a Thundershirt, hearing about L.B. chase him as a pup in her jammies when he was scared of a local BOOM and envisioning him peeing in front of her boss’ window.  Ah, we’ve all shared similar little somethings, that, as we all know, add up to bigger loves of our lives.  Thank you for my book L.B., and thank you for your warm welcome back!


Don’t Steal Charley Away From Me

Sometimes my husband will say, “You are stealing Charley away from me” every time we have a minor bonding moment.  Then this happens…


Like there’s any competition?!

Take Momma to Work Day

Dudes, Chuck here.  Had the BEST DAY EVER last week.  Got to take Momma to her work place.  Seems she needed managing of some horse.

Got in the carrrrrrr….


Made some executive decisions….


Met this pony character.  Told him to leave Momma aloooooone.


Played with Reach.  He ain’t so bad after all….


Interrupted people from actually working….

 disruption  boss

Defended the territory….


Took a nap….right under Momma’s desk.  Best place ever.


OMD…when can I go back?!!?

Now, Finn was a little put out that she didn’t get to go, but we are sure she will have her day too at some point!

Pics from the Dog Sitter

Thank you all for your advice with the pony!  I have been doing a little thinking and reading about the whole thing, and I think I have some ideas.  Will keep you all posted.  In the meantime…

We dropped off the pups with our dog sitter last weekend, and i have to say, one of the cool things about her is that she sends us photos of the dogs while they are there.  Here are some of the photos we got… Chuck in toys WTF Finn Pooped

We have no idea what Finn is up to there!  And I love how Charley just falls asleep on the toys.  It’s nice to know they are having fun while they are there!

The pony. Got out.

That’s right.  The pony.  Got out.  This guy.  You’ve seen him before.  Here we are sharing a tender moment eating peanuts.


Well, he had forgotten all about that one afternoon last week when he slipped out past his fence and went for a little adventure.  I almost had a heart attack.

The story unfolded like this…Someone stopped by asking for someone on my staff.  I noticed she wasn’t at her desk, so I poked my head outside to look for her and one of my volunteers said, “Oh, she’s getting the pony back in.”

I run.  There’s my staffer with the pony, just grazing in a field.  “This isn’t good?” I say.  “No, not great,” she says.

We spend the next two and a half hours getting him back back into his pen.  He starts to eat treats from me and we begin to walk back to where he belongs.  He wises up.  He then began a good twenty minute period where he decided to just run through our property.  Twice, he sprinted towards our entrance gate, towards the traffic, towards cars, people, you name it.  All I could do was run after him in horror, shrieking out his name and “STOOPPPPPPP!” at the top of my lungs.

After all the excitement, he followed one of my volunteers back into his pen, munching on some good  treats.  You can see that here.  Cute, eh?  Yeah.  Real cute.

I want to kill the person whose carelessness lead to him escaping, but  that’s another story.  I don’t want to tell our vet that I ran around one afternoon trying to coax him back in.  Then, I thought, hey, maybe someone on here knows someone who blogs about horses who might be able to give me some friendly advice about what to do if this ever happens again??  Because my heart won’t be able to take it if I have to!

The Big Dance!

Dude, Chuck here.  Getting ready to meet my bud Sammy for the dance tonight.  Gonna round us up some ladies and howl.  And I hear there’s punch being served, nuttin good ever come with that!  Where’s my buddy?


Hewwwwow!  Finnie here.  I hope Wally likes my new dress…what do you think?  I got my furs done especially for him tonight…can’t want to see him.  I’m gonna chat with Sarge, he’s such a good guy…my first fur-end in Blogville.


OMD, did I just hear that Wally is here???

FinnWallace (1)

HIHIHI Wally!  So glad you could make it.  I love your corsage and how it matches my dress!!


Dude, Samm-a-ramm, how are you?  Love your shades bru.


Let’s all have a good time tonight!  This is gonna be soooooo much funnnn!  Let’s dance the night away!


Whoop whoop!  Wassup fellow bloggers.  Momma told me I get to take over the blog today to tell you about us.  You see…Momma went on a Looooooong, and I mean looooong blogging hiatus.  We blogged for a few years and then took a few years off.  But Momma seems to be back on roll, so let’s keep on encouraging her!

So I’m Chuck.  Momma and Pops call me Charley, Charley Barley, Charley B, and CHARLEY STOP!

Now Chuck

I don’t really like to talk about what happened to me before I met my peeps, so I won’t go there.  Let’s just say when I got to their home, I gave them HECK for a while and I have finally seemed to get into my groove.  My likes include long walks with my leash in my mouth and gobbling up any food that drops on the floor.  My dislikes include water and the neighborhood cats.  My bestest bud is Sammy.  We have some howling good time together.

MOVER OVER CHARLEY.  Hewwwwwwow!  Finnie here.  The original.  The one and only.  Finn. Finnackles.  Finnie-pie.  I LOVE LIFE.  And my boyfriend Wally.  *sigh*  And ice cream, dipping in the pool, playing in the snow, sniffing the wind, chasing Charley in the pen, you name it.


That’s a little bit about us.  Two doggies living the golden dream.  Seriously, they could not have it any better!

Double sit

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