Charley Reporting

Hey Dudes.  Charley here.  I need to tell you guys about this thing that appeared one day in my backyard.  It was big and plastic and then Momma took the hose and filled it up with water.  Finn was like totally stoked.


I needed to check this thing out.  I walked all around it and sniffed out the rubber ducks that Momma threw in there.  Finn, as always, was getting in the way of my sniffs.  She is just one pushy broad.


Apparently, I was taking too long, and so my Momma PICKED ME UP and PLANTED ME IN THE WATER. I immediately jumped out. I mean, like, why would she do that?


Then Finn started running around our patio, pushing me out of the way, so she could like jump in and out of the water. Dudes, she like got me wet.



I kept begging Momma to let me back in the house, so I could like nap and ponder away at life’s big questions, like what is thing in between my legs that Finn doesn’t have, and why does Momma get all stoked when I pee outside? Those kinds of things.


She finally let me in and my nightmare with this big plastic thing ended. Dudes, have you ever seen anything like this before in your lives???


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  1. mollie and alfie
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 05:16:12

    Oh Charley I am so with Finn on this, paddling pools are the best ever 🙂 you big baby..bawahwaawwwww xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Long Life Cats and Dogs
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 05:36:15

    Oh Charley, you are a hoot 😀 Maybe your Mom could by you a book on the “birds and the bees” because I’m certainly not helping out with that pondering question of yours! 😀 I’m quite surprised, though, to find that you don’t like the paddle pool. I’d have thought you’d have been right in there with Finn.

  3. jack joseph's mom
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 05:41:04

    Charley – you are a lot like my Harley!! He doesn’t like the water either. And his Finn is Abbey. She’s only 8 lbs and a terror. She loves the water, getting in his way when he sniffs, and biting him. Harley would rather nap, too!

  4. Dougall
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 05:43:49

    A pool!!! Makes me miss summer!!!

  5. Molly The Wally
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 06:06:22

    Charley we give you a week and we bet you will be in the big plastic thing all day. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Emmadog
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 07:08:00

    Whoa! You guys have a big pool! Mine is nowhere near that big, how fun!

  7. Reilly and denny
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 07:08:10

    It’s the dreadful wet stuff…stay away from it…it will make you shrink!

  8. easyweimaraner
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 07:41:11

    I’m with you Charley and I’m glad you are safe in your house. Mom bought such a thingy too, what I ignored completely. We have an agreement now: mom can use it as an herbal bed and I use it as a secret litter box :o)

  9. Madi and Mom
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 08:05:08

    Charley you are indeed an intellectual dude! This post cracked us up!
    I avoid big things full of water like the plague
    Madi your BFFF

  10. Lily Belle & Muffin
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 08:07:27

    Believe us Charley, once the heat of the summer arrives you will truly enjoy the round thing with water in it. Listen to Finn, she won’t lead you wrong!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  11. Goose
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 08:11:30

    Oh Charley.. My gal pal has a big pool at her house and ever summer when her peeps roll back the big heavy cover she jumps right in and does not even wait for the heater to warm the water. Then all summer long she just floats around in there. Sometimes she gets on a big floating thing and floats around. I just stand at the edge of the pool and bark at her. I go crazy when my MOM gets in there and I can not reach her. Oh MOM’s friends have tried to lift me in but I am to strong and they can’t budge me. I will stand on the steps into the pool and get me toe and elbows wet, but no further.

  12. Lori - What Remains Now
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 10:15:22

    I see great potential in this, Charley. I’m sure you’ll discover how wonderful it is, given time.

  13. Murphy Campbell
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 10:48:14

    Oh Dude, you need to get in that thing, it is called a pool and it is a blast! Maybe me and Stanley should stop over and show you how it’s done. You will love it on hot summer days!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Ambassadors of Love

  14. wallaceandsamuel
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 10:59:02

    DUUUUUUUDE!!! WHAT IS UP WITH FINN & WALLY & WATER??? I (Sammy) am SO with you on this one! Look, I can’t help you much with your questions on life butt I am your go-to guy when it comes to: sandpits, digging, raw hide chews & sister cat whispering. Your BFF, Sam

    • finnhoward
      Jun 09, 2013 @ 08:23:38

      Sammy dude, I definitely need a sand pit…something that’s dry, involves no water, and no pushy sisters, you know what I am talking about?

  15. Bouncing Bertie
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 11:31:53

    Consider yourself relatively fortunate Charley. Water torture round here consists of being thrown in a cold Scottish mountain stream at the end of a walk in the hills, just so as I don’t get Gail’s Mini too muddy!
    I’ve even known her to break the ice first…
    Toodle pip!

  16. Frankie and Ernie
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 12:05:41

    OH BUDDY…. THAT is so scary… we would be right with you… INSIDE pondering those exact same “thingys”. Just sayin.

  17. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 12:26:36

    Ciara and Lightning have not had the pleasure, but Thunder and Phantom both experienced a pool on our deck and totally ignored it, unless you want to consider that they did take a drink from the giant bowl. Charley, if you ever get to understand all those perplexing issues, please be sure to enlighten us too.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. carraig1
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 13:11:29

    Grady is getting one for his Gotcha Day on June 17!

  19. Caren, Dakota and Cody
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 15:00:33

    No and I hope that I NEVER do! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  20. rubytheairedale
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 15:14:50

    Yeah, I’m with you Charley…Ma tried to put me in one of those years ago, and I did the SAME thing you did ~ jumped out QUICK!! What is wrong with Moms anyhu?! I don’t trust it…..
    Now abouts that thingy between your leggies……well, you better talk to Goose abouts that one…

  21. Melissa
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 16:16:04

    BOL! I am totally with you on this one Charley. Finn sure looks like she had a blast though.

  22. jank1961
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 17:37:04

    Charley, we think you should give the big plastic thing another chance. Finn might be onto something here. We wish we had one that big…..we have a smaller one, but it sure keeps us feeling nice and cooler on hot summer days when we are playing ball.
    Love Sheba, Moses, & Cricket
    Wag ‘ N Woof Pets
    PS Kobi insists that we tell you that he is with you on this one. He won’t even go in it if we throw a treat in there for him!

  23. Millie & Walter
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 17:44:10

    We have never seen a contraption like that. You might have seen that I, Walter, enjoyed playing with the sprinkler so getting wet doesn’t bother me much.

  24. Mitch and Molly
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 19:04:58

    That’s a swimming pool and you are so lucky, Charley! We wish we had one of those!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  25. Lassiter chase and Benjamin
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 20:56:33

    That water thing looks like an outdoor bath. I think u made the wise Charlie by going inside the house .

  26. Miss Harper Lee
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 23:09:11

    Charley, I am so with you on that whole pool thing. I cannot for the life of me understand why the humans think this is so special. I am so happy that your mom finally came to her senses and let you in the house. 😉

  27. Whisppy
    Jun 09, 2013 @ 01:44:09

    Oh Charley. I know what you mean! Mommy bought one of those things home and filled it up with water. Then she put me in there! Apparently, to exercise my back legs. I wasn’t very pleased, especially since I was not tall enough to jump out.


  28. bichonpawz
    Jun 09, 2013 @ 01:54:59

    It depends on exactly How HOT it is outside as to whether we will frolic in our pool or not. Most of the time, when it is REALLY boiling hot outside, we will just STAND in the pool…it does cool you off…if you give it a chance!! Cute post!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  29. BZ Dogs
    Jun 09, 2013 @ 02:17:53

    The leaping out soooo cute! Reminds me, I really need to get a new one for the boys. Way too hot out here these days 🙂

  30. Eileen and Annie
    Jun 09, 2013 @ 03:51:58

    Oh Charley mate, you need to give the pool a chance.
    Mind you, Annie isn’t too fond of water and needs a lot of coaxing!

  31. tarynft
    Jun 09, 2013 @ 08:03:43

    Great pool pics! There nothing better in the hot summer than getting wet!

  32. Dolly the Doxie
    Jun 09, 2013 @ 15:15:23

    BOL! Are you a Lab or some kind of dog that’s s’pose to like water? I have a little wading pool when it gets really hot. I put a paw in at most! Love Dolly

  33. 2browndawgs
    Jun 10, 2013 @ 08:09:16

    Maybe when it gets warmer out, you will decide that big plastic thing is refreshing. 🙂

  34. Kari
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 15:08:38

    If the sunshine keeps it up at home we will need to get one of those

    Stop on by for a visit

  35. Cat Greyhound
    Jun 18, 2013 @ 06:16:39

    Hey guys, one of those things appeared at mine house recently. I not tooked it out the box yet but it spose be “muggy” here next week so I mite see how it goes!

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