More of Seein’ the Sites – Building Bits and Pieces

These are neat little architectural elements I photographed over a lunch hour.
I’m actually quite impressed that I was able to focus on the elements and not have anyone walk in front of my photos!
Some of the captions are links to the buildings themselves if you’d like some more info…
48 Wall Street

72 Wall Street

75 Wall Street

55 Wall Street
I fell down the steps after taking this picture.
No bleeding.  Minimal embarrassment.

60 Williams Street
70 Pine Street
Back entrance to my office building!
I’m actually quite proud of myself because some folks turned to see what I was photographing from time to time.  I would like to think for a brief moment they were able to appreciate something pretty in the middle of the hustle and bustle of their day.  I stopped to read a plaque about the financial district put up by the city and a man in a suit stopped behind me and read it too.  Not too busy to learn something!  


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