The Dog Who Danced

Once again, I found myself reading a dog-related book on my commute.  I enjoyed this book – a story about a woman who is separated from her dog on a cross-country excursion, and the couple who finds him.  The woman goes to lengths to find him, while re-living her journey which made her the dog lover she is today.  The couple, suffering from an unimaginable recent loss, finds their pain being eased and their lives once more bearable because of their love for their new friend.

This book is not sad, it did not make me cry, and a random stranger on my commute did not have to give me a tissue like the last time.  It was slightly predictable.  Did it pass my time on the train?  Sure.  Was it an easy read?  Yes.  Did I learn something about Shelties?  Of course.  Would I recommend it to any of you?  Only if you happen to see it and know you need something to kill a few hours of your day.  I enjoyed it, but I did not love it.

The main thing I want to say about this book though is that the dog kind of forgets his previous owner over time, a month perhaps, if that.  He remembers there is someone else he is looking for and somewhere else he is supposed to be, but he can’t remember what specifically.  I recognize this book is a work of fiction, but this concept, upon some minor reflection, made me unbelievably upset, and I wondered if when I left Finn for a couple of weeks when I went on vacation, she forgot to remember me too.  What do you think about that?


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