Operation Phat – Secret Path Continues

Some of you asked in my last Operation Phat post what this was referring to.  See, Finn’s vet told us she was a tad chunky and so we needed to give her more exercise and less treats.  Since I am not going to call Finn “fat” we decided to call her “phat.”  ‘Cause she’s so cool!

So, when last we were walking we decided to stay to the left.  Well, we went to check out the right one day…

Here is the infamous intersection.
Last time, we went to the left.  Here, we are heading to the right.
Just a lot of woods!
And another intersection!
We decided to head to the right again.
Where are we???

We walked on for a good bit, walking in circles essentially!  It’s nice to have a group of trails so close by!  And on the way in from our little escapade, we saw two deer, who ran from us fast, so we didn’t get a picture of them.  And when we got home, we checked ourselves for ticks.  We’ve been back in these woods a couple of times now and she seems to love it!  Operation Phat continues!

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