More of Seein’ the Sites – The Skyline

My job has me traveling to various parts of the city to present our outreach programs.
In July, I went to Staten Island, and from the bridge, I could look back on downtown Manhattan, where most of the sites I take you to are located.  
The NYC skyline is in the distance in this photo.  The tall buildings on the left of the skyline is the new World Trade Center (It’s directly in the middle of this photograph).
The rusted old bridge is in the foreground.  I try not to think about that.  
And in between in Brooklyn.

It’s the same skyline that I showed you in my last post – I get to walk out of the skyline and look at it when I go out for lunch.

Once my husband asked me if I could see the skyline from my office window.
Glamorous, eh?

So here are some images of me being a part of the downtown skyline.  Enjoy!


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