A Dog’s Journey

I have a lot of time to read in my commute.  I usually run into the library on weekends and grab a couple of books off the New Releases shelf and that will tide me over for a week.  So one day, I noticed this book was in my pile to read, and I will thrilled!  

A Dog’s Journey was a wonderful read.  It is the story about a dog, who is re-incarnated several times, trying to find the purpose of his lives, and understanding that it is his role to care for a woman, CJ.  The dog meets CJ as a baby, a teenager, a young woman, and then as a older daughter caring for her sick mother, and each time she has an increasing and desperate need to be unconditionally loved, as only a dog can do.  It isn’t until their final meeting where the dog knows he has done his job of caring for, protecting, loving, and being a true companion to CJ, and other people he has run into along the way.
I have to tell you, I laughed at times, I full on sobbed at times (in a packed train during rush hour with tears streaming down my face) and I smiled at times knowing that our dogs pick us, and what a wonderful idea it is that they may be looking out for us over and over again through their own path.
A great book – as long as you don’t mind accepting a tissue from the man next to you on the train (yes!).  Well worth reading.

And Finn enjoys the extra hugs I give her now after I read it too.


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