Operation Phat – The Secret Path

See this opening here?
This opening has caused Momma such shame.  She and Pops have been living in their house for two years, and she just now noticed this opening.  It is essentially around the corner from her house, and she didn’t even notice the path that cut through it!  Silly Momma.  So, off we went to explore…

Look at these little hills.  What could they be for?

Finn heads down one to investigate.

Hmmm – which way to go?  To the left or to the right?

We chose to the right and almost immediately got run over by an ATV!  Ah-ha!  Hence the man-made hills!  So, we went to the left and quickly discovered we had popped out…

…in the next neighborhood!  

So, directly across the street, the path continued, and we followed along.  We were behind some house, and a dog came over and started barking at us, and Finn gave me the sign to turn around go back home, so we did.  But we shall venture to the right again and see where that leads us!  Till next time!


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