The Dog Walker

First, I’d like to say that Finn is doing much much better now.  She’s eating normally and she has gone on a couple of 20 minute walks and seems to be more peppy.  Thank goodness!  We are unsure about how to proceed with finding a new vet.  But we are mulling it over, and of course, we shall let you know.  Thank you for all of your kind words!

Now, our regularly scheduled post for today was this:

We’ve hired a dog walker!…kind of.  She has come twice.  The first time, we asked her to give Finn a walk at about 2 in the afternoon.  When we got home that night, we thought Finn was ramped up a tad bit more than normal.  She had chewed her way into a cardboard box, behavior we hadn’t seen in her for months and months.

The second time, we asked her to give Finn dinner and let her out, since we were at an evening family event on a weekend.  When we got home, we thought she would be asleep, but she wasn’t.  I felt like she was waiting at the door for us.

I am sure this has nothing to do with the dog walker herself.  She came to us highly recommended, and Finn just adored her when we met with her before we hired her.

Do you use a dog walker?  How often do you use him or her?  Any behavioral side effects?  I feel like the more we use her, the more used to her/the situation/the midday walk she will be.  Any suggestions?


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