My Effing Morning

Allow me to rant.

Now, I don’t have any human children, but I do recall, as a child, when I told my Momma that I didn’t feel well and she established that I was sick enough to stay home form school, she called the pediatrician and made an appointment for me to go see him THAT DAY.  Every time.  Every friggin time.

Why does this concept not apply to my vet??  I love my vet, I really do, but getting in to see him is becoming a problem.

Finn had been a little blue all week.  Just not her peppy self.  We chalked it up to it getting hotter, us being gone for long days, just missing us.  Well, this morning she didn’t eat her breakfast AND she wouldn’t get up for her walk, so I decided this was an emergency and she needed to see the vet.

The vet opens at 8am.  I called (well first at 7:45, 7:52, 7:55, and 7:59 – doesn’t ANYONE GET THERE ONE MINUTE EARLY?!) and then at 8:01.

“Levittown Animal Hospital (this is my vet – he is one of two guys we see here) please hold.”  I held for 5 minutes.  Still holding, I call with my cell phone.  “Levittown Animal Hospital, please hold.”

“Wait,” I interrupt.  “I have an emergency.”  I break into tears.  “My dog…” explanation follows with gobs of tears.  “Please, I beg you, can I come in today?”

“Please hold.”

She comes back 3 minutes later.

“You can come in at 9:15.”  Can you be here at 9:15?”

“Well, I live an hour away” (and thinking to myself, IT IS RUSH HOUR IN ONE OF THE MOST MAJOR METROPOLITAN AREAS OF THE COUNTRY) “So I am leaving now.”

“If you can’t make it by 9:15, don’t bother coming because we are booked all day.”

Now, I think to myself.  If I called at 8:10 and someone else got this appointment before me, would they not allow me in?  You betcha.  Remember last time they wouldn’t make me an appointment?

We made it to the office on time.  I was told by the front desk I made great time.  Huh, really b*tch, I wonder why.  And it turns out Finn has a fever and got a little infection from another dog.  This week, we had taken her to both the groomer and the dog park, so she could have gotten it anywhere.

My point is, what can I do about my little situation at the vet?  Are all vets like this?  Only available for scheduled rabies shots and surgeries?  Am I destined to bend over for the emergency vet (which is a lot closer to us, but just super shady) every time Finn gets sick and we need some advice??

She’s on antibiotics and sleeping soundly now, so I am sure she will be fine.  Me however – completely different story.  What gives?!

And the worst part of it all is, I THANKED the woman at the desk “for squeezing us in today.”

Ugh, I hate myself.


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