My New Friend…And We Wanna Tell You About a Challenge!

Hewwwow!  Finn here.  Now that I have had a full day to spend with Momma and Pops, I thought I would show you what they brought back for me.  Now, I did make them feel really really guilty about leaving me behind.  After jumping all over them when they came to get me from Lynne’s house, I pouted.  I gave them the sad eyes.  But, we went for a long walk and Momma told me about where they went.  And then I came home and I got a new friend!

So, they were forgiven.

Isn’t he cute?  Momma said she bought him for me in Amsterdam.  She said they had a really nice time there.  And apparently, they went in the middle of a heat wave, so now she is a lovely shade of pink!
Now, to the second part of my post.  Can you do this?
Remember Momma did a post a while back where I was sitting and she put the treats all around me like she saw my friend Gopher do.  Now Gopher is having a challenge for dogs who can command this much restraint without both killing the peep who is placing the treats down AND without eating them (the treats, that is).  If you think you’ve got the skillz, check out his post here and join in the challenge!

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