They’re Home!

That’s right, they left me again! Momma and Pops had been away for a week, and dropped me off again at the dog sitter while they were off galavanting! Now, I have a great time there! Lynne watches me, and every day, she sends Momma and Pops a text or a pic so they know what kinds of havoc I have been making playtime activities I have been up to!

So this is what she said about me:
“Finn loves life! Right now she is enjoying just being able to go in and out of my back door. She taps on the door, I let her in. She taps on the door, I let her out!”

“Today, Finn dragged one of my pillows off my bed and placed it by the back door so she could sit on it and watch what was going on in the backyard!”

“Where is Brumby?” we ask (Brumby is Lynne’s dog).  Brumby was enjoying a much-needed nap after playing with me for a while! Ha ha ha! 

Lynne sent them pics of me playing with an ice cube and jumping on Brumby while he was sitting just scratching himself! Yep, I have a great time there! Now, they are gonna take me for a nice long walk, but they will be back to tell you about their trip next time!

Finn’s Momma here – thanks for all of your great tips on conducting our business. We are going to try to use one consistent word and we will let you know how it goes!

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