Shrine of Our Lady of the Island

I was feeling a little, I don’t know, out of touch with the world one Saturday, and I had remembered that I had driven past this shrine about a year ago.  When I had past it, I thought I had remembered being there in the 8th grade, or something like that, and I had made a mental note to head back there.  This Saturday became that day.  I needed a little, I don’t know, something extra.  I called ahead to the office, “Are dogs allowed?”  “Yes, as long as they don’t step in the planted gardens and you bring an extra baggie.”  DEAL.

Just beautiful.

We walked around the Stations of the Cross.

We looked at beautiful statues.

We said a prayer to the saints.

And this is the part I remembered from elementary school – this is a Rosary.  Every bush is a bead of the rosary.  You can see the crucifix which hangs at the end of the beads and then the tall bush would be the first Our Father, the three little bushes are the first three Hail Marys.  I was working on a “I Live My Faith” badge as a Girl Scout back in the 8th grade, and our troop leader brought us here and we said the entire rosary.

We walked up to see the the Crucifixion.

I wonder sometimes when Finn is looking out like this if she is planning to run off!

I felt so much better about myself and the state of my world when we left.  
And I have to say, Finn did a pretty good job there.  
A lot of sniffing and walking, and one tired dog when we left.


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