Frankie Day

Hey Frankie!  Enjoy your special special Blogville Day!!
You deserve it dear fur-end!  Enjoy, enjoy!
I have a funny story to share with you and I hope it makes you laugh real hard!
See how I am laying right next to this rug and it is right by the front door?  And how the rug is getting all rolled up?  So sometimes during the day, it gets even more rolled up and stuffs, because I am laying near it, and you know, it gets all in my way.  When Momma and Pops come home, sometimes it gets squished under the door and they have to push real hard to get in!  And then the alarm is going off, and I run around in circles cause I am so glad to see them, and they are trying to get in.  Trust me, it’s a scene!
All because I like to lay on this rug.
Now if there is anybody in Blogville who can appreciate that story, it is YOU!  Enjoy your day!
Love, Finnackles!

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