New Leash

A couple of weeks ago, Taryn over at A Tail of Two Cardis had a contest!  She visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and had some trivia questions for folks to answer.  Momma knew that Yasgur Dairy Farm in Bethel, NY was the location of Woodstock and because of that…we won a new leash!  It arrived this week!  Woohoo!!
Now, Taryn, I know this is unorthodox, but Finn, oops Finnackles, likes to inspect her new things before using them, so we spent a few minutes letting her sniff, roll around with and inspecting her new leash!  We know it isn’t a toy, but we didn’t want to scare her when we placed the loop over her head.  When we first tried that, she backed up and whined a little bit, so we let her play.
I should explain, Finnackles also likes to play with my oven mitt, 
so that’s why that is on the floor as well.

  We got in on and tried it out!  Thank you Taryn for our cool new leash!  We love it!


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