Little Trick

I really enjoy reading the adventures of Gopher, a therapy dog.  He is making such a difference in the lives of those he visits, it always brings a smile to my face when I read about him.  In one of his recent posts, he showed off a little trick he could do – he lays down and is surrounded by little treats.  He stays still until released and then he can enjoy them all.  I wanted to see if Finn could handle it.

So, I had Finn sit and stay and I started to place the treats around her.  At first, she jumped up and wanted to eat them all.  I got her to stay again, and then realized something.  As I asked her to stay, and said, “Good girl” she would jump up as if released.  So we tried again.  At about the fifth try or so, she got the idea.

Not too bad!  Nice work Finn!

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