More of Seein’ the Sites

Everyone has such positive responses to my NYC photos.  Since we’re entering spring, and that’s prime walking weather, that means you all get to see more photos!
So, there are days when I cannot escape that I work near the WTC.  Sometimes I wander around at lunch time, and I am reminded that this tragedy happened so close to where I work.  One day, I found my way into St. Paul’s Chapel on Broadway, and it has a small exhibit inside of it of the memorials which were created for the rescuers that day.  
I then wandered into the 9/11 Memorial Preview Center.  The preview center is small, just one room on a crowded street where you can buy some books and things and purchase tickets to the memorial  I saw this photo and was just struck by it. 
On to something lighter!  Pretty gardens near the base of…

…the Brooklyn Bridge!

I have no idea what those folks are looking at!
And now, I know this is a little old, but back on last Friday at 7:30am, I received a call from my Momma.  “Don’t forget to look outside at 10:30 this morning to see the Space Shuttle go by.”
Thanks Mom!  
That’s it for now!  Maybe some more sites next month!


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