Sans Souci County Park

“Sans Souci” – French for “Without Worries”  
You know when you think you are going to have everything under control and then it just turns out the complete opposite of how you would expect it to be?
For instance, going to a park with a name like “Without Worries” 
should be an enjoyable spring morning.
First, we couldn’t find the entrance.  Yep, it’s clearly marked, as you can see here, but I drove right past it.  And then went down a side street to try to find it and wound up parking in front of someone’s house before I realized that I had to have missed the entrance.  And then that person came out and stared at me wondering why I was camped out in front of their house.  Thank goodness for my little foursquare checkin which told me I was about .6 miles from the entrance.  Oops.  Try again!
Okay, off we go.  Lovely hiking trails.

Except Finn just didn’t want to go in.  Oh, she made a little effort…maybe trotted herself in about 300 feet.  And then turned around and went straight back to the car.  So, we tried again and again, but she just had no desire to go into the park.

So, we just spent the morning sniffing around the parking lot…

Letting the wind blow through our golden locks in the parking lot…

And then sniffing our way over to the fire department, located right next to the park…

And then dragging me back to the car.
No worries!


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