True Color Thursday – Dots!

This week’s challenge was to find a six different sets of polka dots!  Wow, this was so hard!

We were given two weeks to find our colors.
I didn’t exactly look for white dots on the colors too.
I looked for the color being the dot.

And I had to get real clever and sneaky like…

(Subway stops are the red dots under the red line)

(Blue dots on these pillows)

(Three + purple dots on this woman’s scarf)

(Ok, ok, but there is a green “dot” in the picture)

(Happy Graduation stuffed doggie)

(Dots on her backpack)

And I found Brown!
(Dots on one of my dresses)

I just have to say, after my last True Color posting, a lot of folks were wondering what the reaction was of the people who I was trying to capture in my photographs.  Gingham man thought I was photographing the women sitting behind him, and none of these people in today’s post seemed to notice.

The people around me who see me make a mental connection and then grab my phone and take a couple of quick pictures, however, think I am on some sort of bad drug, I am sure!


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