True Color Thursday – Aqua

This week’s challenge was aqua!  How fun!

I went to one those paint your own pottery places
 with my Mom and made myself this cup.
Here’s Finn playing with her new toy from her boyfriend!
She loves it, as you can see by the way she has
torn through the rope!

Here are some candle holders without the candles.
Finn tried to eat the wax when she was a puppy and
we haven’t put them back yet.

And our twist was to take a picture of actual aqua – this spot is just a couple of blocks from where I spend most of my days…

Ok, so Manhattan waters aren’t so blue, but you get the idea!

And here I am on the other side (Brooklyn), looking back at lower Manhattan.  Murky blue aqua in foreground.  I took this picture on a staff outing for our holiday lunch.  I couldn’t believe it was this gorgeous outside in late December!


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