Happy Valetine’s Day!

Dear Cody,

I am looking forward to seeing you tonight at the dance.  MMMMWWWAH!

Love, Finn

Now, you remember that Cody sent me a package last week, right?  Well, one day, there was a knock out at door from the postlady!  An EXPRESS mail delivery for meeee!  
From Singapore!

Looks like a love letter!


A squeaky pink octopus, an instant favorite!

Ok, I’m back, posing with my love letter!

Cody, you are really talented with a scissor and glue!

I love my new toys and treats! 
Thank you thank you thank you!

But, I am a little concerned, you aren’t in the box.

I still hope to see you tonight at the dance.  I am at the kissing booth, remember? 
*wink, wink*

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