We’ve Been Tagged!

Hewwwow, Finn here.  Guess what happened to us on Friday?  We got tagged!

1.  Describe yourself in seven words:
Loving life, curious, beautiful, energetic, typical golden!

2. What keeps you up at night?
If they let me in the bed, Momma and Pops kicking me keeps me up all night.  Jeez, all I want to do is stretch out, can’t they understand that?

If they don’t let me in the bed, I just snoooooooze the whole night through.

3.  Who would you like to be?
Everyone who spends time with me just says how much I love life….the dog sitter, random people on the street, and my peeps especially.  Makes me think I would be particularly good at being a reporter of some sort, or hosting my own daily talk show, so I believe that I could be an excellent Oprah.

4.  What are you wearing right now?
I like to go in the nude.

5.  What scares you?
Lately the guys outside hunting for deer and shooting their guns have been giving me the jumps!

6.  The best and worst of blogging:
I just love knowing about you all and my Momma really learns some creative things that she uses on me!  That’s just the best!  You guys get a new toy, I get a new toy, you guys go somewhere exciting, Momma takes me somewhere exciting.  It’s awesome!

Momma does get a little down sometimes when she’s reading about the Rainbow Bridge.  She won’t tell me what that is though because I am still a young pup!

Ok, I’m not that young anymore, but Momma says she and I can’t have that discussion yet.

7.  The last website I visited:  My tagger – Basset Momma!  Thank you!

8.  What is one thing I would change about myself:
Hmmmm,…I am beautiful, well-groomed, healthy, smart…I don’t think there is too much to change!

9.  Slankets, yes or no:  My Momma doesn’t know what a slanket is!

10.  Tell us something about the dog which tagged you – these guys really make me laugh – have you seen the entry where Freddie drinks the tea?  Or when he goes for a run in the snow?  Please go check it out!

Now, I am supposed to tag eight more blogs, but I can’t decide.  I know it’s the easy way out, but if you’d like to share some things about yourself with us, please do!

And, a lot of you asked more about The Big Duck post from Friday.  We didn’t actually get to go in!  We just walked around outside for a bit, and continued on with our joy riding.  But, I was reading that they sell a lot of “duck” items!  Maybe we will head back one day and try again!


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