My Peep Is Totally a Flake

Hewwwow, Finn here.  I’m back.  Sunday I just scratched the surface as to why my peeps were flakes, and I shall continue today!
Ok, this is mostly about why my Momma is an odd one, not just a flake.  So, she takes pictures of food.  Randomly.
For birthdays…
Uncle Lou’s 75th birthday 
Grandma’s birthday cake
On holidays…
Shrimp Scampi at Grandma’s

Christmas Eve pasta at Grandma’s

Carving the bird
For parties…

Towel cake

On vacation…
Making honey in Vermont
Dinner in Ireland, that’s a lot of potatoes!

Pops is eating pasta in Ireland

Cooking lesson on the cruise

Sushi and a beer at a Mariner’s game
To remember the set-up
Long Island wineries sponsor a social at a museum  conference

Someone please tell her to stop!  She’s a little odd.  But she’s my Momma!
Tell me that’s flaky enough Sarge, they are getting embarrassed!
And, quite frankly, so am I…

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