Hewwwow!  Finn here.   One year ago today, Momma and Pops came into the place where I had been staying and picked me up out of my play crib and said “Yes, we’ll take HER!”
Do you blame them?  Look at how cute I am!
Momma said it was because when I was playing with another doggie, he had taken my ball from me and I went over and nipped his ear.  I don’t remember any of that though.
And, to be honest, although they came and picked me out a year ago today, THEY ACTUALLY LEFT  ME THERE FOR ANOTHER WEEK OR TWO!  They said it was so I could get all my shots and they could get through the holidays, but I don’t remember any of that either.  Hurmph.
Tomorrow is Christmas!  May you and your families have a merry and blessed one!

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