Labor Day Bash Subliminal Message

Ok, so you must go here to check out the Labor Day Party Roster of Activities!  There’s so much going on, there’s no way that you won’t be able to make it!  I don’t know what to do first, get my isms ready or figure out what I am wearing to the prom, you know what I mean?

Did any of you catch my subliminal message yesterday?!?  Did your human have a sudden urge to go through old photographs and look for flowering buds??  I’m hosting the Flower Show, so please make sure to send me your pictures by August 28th at marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot)com.  And, I promise I won’t remind you again until this weekend, ok?  ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. 2browndawgs
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 07:57:59

    Is it supposed to be just flowers, or flowers and dogs?PS I left you something on my blog. If you get a chance, check it out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Whisppy
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 13:10:23

    We got your message, loud and clear! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Tessa the Maltese
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 14:15:43

    Oh yea my Mom got the message and finally she said OK, OK I will find and send the pics! It worked!!!!woos, Tessa

  4. Sugar the Golden Retriever
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 14:46:38

    Woof! Woof! We are participating n in charge of Wally Melon. We've submitted a lesson plan so we are busy preparing for 4 blog post for the LB weekend. It will be a FUN Blogville event. Lots of Golden Woofs, SugarFYI: I am co hosting a weekly Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop. Check out my blog post today for more information. The badge is also posted on the side of my blog. Hope you can join us in the future. Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Schnauzer Days
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 15:16:54

    Hi Finn, we're just catching up with all the news and read about your flower show so will be sure and send some pics in…please do give a reminder though, SHE has a head like a sieve ๐Ÿ™‚ Dex and Lou

  6. sprinkles
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 21:50:16

    Yeah, there's so much going on, I just hope me and my boys can attend everything.

  7. ArtemisiaFSS
    Aug 18, 2011 @ 15:05:47

    We will have Mommy send you some pictures. Do you needs us in the pictures or just the flowers? BTW it is very nice to meet you.

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